Gen 3 Formation | 13 - 17 | The Beatitudes

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Here you will find the material "In search of happiness | The Beatitudes" for ages 13-17 years old. These suggestions which are useful to prepare the meetings during the year, are in tune with the theme on Mary as well as deeping of the Beatitudes, as an answer to the desire for happiness of each individual and the community.

It would be useful to first read the general outline to help you make better use of the materials.

You can download eight guidelines for the group leaders and the attachments which are:  suggestions on how to deepen the topics for group leaders, activities, games, videos, etc... Every material should be chosen and adapted according to the group you have - Gen 3, Teens4Unity, teens of the Parish or Diocesan movements, etc.

01 Beatitudes - Blessed are the poor in spirit

02 Beatitudes - Blessed are those who mourn

03 Beatitudes - Blessed are the meek

04 Beatitudes - Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness

05 Beatitudes - Blessed are the merciful

06 Beatitudes - Blessed are the pure of heart

07 Beatitudes - Blessed are the peacemakers

08 Beatitudes - Blessed are those who are persecuted


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